Monday, May 11, 2015

The White Elephants Graveyard

Reflections on the material world as sculpted by Berkeley Flaneur 

The sculpture department
Substantial, serious,
Bordering on ponderous

Elephantine Eucalypti
Send perception skyward

  Disorienting guide posts, half-hidden

A truly noble redwood
Dead-center in the art school grounds

 Remnants of a forgotten pre-history,
No one today remembers what they represent

 Another cardinal disappears

 No longer of recognizable use, 
It takes on a symbolic, spiritual quality

 Snail thang, I think I love you

  Ambiguous objects lurk about,
Aesthetic or utilitarian?

 Then things start to run amok

Fetishistic professor

 She ate too much fresh sweet corn 
Soiled her pants, I think

 A sunken corner where the lost wash up

A ceramic cemetery

 Billy the Kid,
Your dreamboat ended here?

 Yet another shipwreck

A remarkably creepy ambiance
For the neighbors, by night
No one in the village will come here
At night, after dark

Tainted meat

Figuration, a primal urge

The inevitable scene where the guy next door 
Crawls out of the dirt where he was buried

From soil ye came to soil ye shall return

 Kiss this white ass bye-bye

 View of Oakland 
From a very comfortable couch

 Old building
On a new day in May

 Sculptural color-field

 The old Satyr lasts another Spring

We are all iconoclasts these days,
 Everything's totemic now,

 The campus seems to return to the wild,
But the impression is short-lived

 The formidable Broadway crosswalk,
I recall assisting the fine poet Denise Levertov,
To brave it with me one night after her reading 
The California College of Arts and Crafts

10 May 2015

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