Thursday, May 14, 2015

Faces at Night

In his solitude the Flaneur is seldom lonely and never alone

What could be sweeter than a bunny reading a book
In front of an old Firestone Air Chief radio?

How about a bunny and a bookworm reading books?

That mean old gay rooster is still around,
Luckily he's in the catatonia-zone at this time of night

This is the martyred rapper Tupac Shakur,
He was from Marin City I think

Tell him I think his stretch is here

Day-glo Social Realist, Cubist, 3D  mural effect

Workers today are up against the wall

Finally see a white face
And it's the face on the barroom floor

Anyway, it's all good
Missionary position in a great melting pot

30 April-10 May 2015

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