Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Malcolm X Day at UC Berkeley


This glass imagines the Campanile during a major earthquake

The Flaneur goes looking for black culture 
on a cloudy day in the Athens of the West 

 Observance of formality and tradition prevails
Mortar-boards abound
A day of windy and chilly outdoor receptions

 Me and the bear kept an eye out 
for African American students
Among the throngs of graduates

 The model for this frieze is said to have been 
Sather H. Crocker, 
A celebrated female impressionist

 A witty prank left over from UCB 420 no doubt

 Rhododendron trees alongside the music department,
The deep marine trough of cool air
Suits them fine


 The corridor of  sacred fetishes,
It's a start

  Things behind the the sun,
Said to be very ancient

 Of course we know that when it comes to Ancient things
Carbon-dating, archeology, etcetera
The Bible is truthier


 Starting to get a little warm
In terms of Black representation

Actually, African cultureis well represented on campus,
African-Americans not so much

18 May 2015

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