Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Celebration for a Gray Memorial Day

The Flaneur explores an overcast and deserted streetscape 
On a National Holiday

Scientists have recently done detailed mapping of a cold region of space. Across billion of light years there are less than twenty percent of the galaxies than there should. No explanation exists for this hiccup or gap that occurred when the universe accelerated in its expansion. Called a "supervoid" its actually not a void but has shape like a canyon in space.
With the current marine trough over Northern California, the Bay area it is easy to see an analogy. No more so than  when you look up into dark foreboding canyons of cloud upon cloud.
The past is always with us in the epicenter of the present moment.
Let's see what I uncovered and for the time being commemorate it all.

Parked outside police headquarters
Oh dear, I took a photo of his license plates
Without his consent...how rude of me

In a scarred and vacant plot of earth
This plaque invites you to 1976
The plaque commemorating the first public school itself
Has been stolen and melted down for its metal 
At some point in the years intervening

The institutions for the training of youth 
That have since come to supercede public schools
Are visible over the highway,
The police, the courts, and the jail

Across the street a coffee factory
In business since 1894

The BART train stirs the lonely scene
Nothing so vacant as warehouse streets on a holiday

Yet this is still Spring in California
Even amid the worn armaments
of dingy industrial civilization,
Flowers blossom, color obtrudes

A cafe closed up tight,
Cafe's have to stay open long hours to build up a scene
Breakfast, lunch and after work drink spot only  I guess

Don't remember if it's a very new place or what,
Fits right in with the neighborhood anyway

It's always good to know 
What you are crossing over,
What level of risk people will accept

The tracks,
A pedestrian bridge for the fearful,
No trains coming, one in sight

An old anchor tossed here nonchalantly
Memorializing immemorial maritime activity here

Nothing going down at all,
Give them mild temps, a steady breeze, and scant sunshine
And they stay indoors in droves

Some hardy souls arrive on the Oakland Ferry,
Bet they are frozen if they stayed out on deck
In the middle of the Bay

There it goes again under the frigid air mass,
This is one time I don't envy the adventurers,
In fact I'm waiting for the first warm day myself

This plug memorializes an Oakland iron works,
Forged a few blocks from this spot a century ago

This blossoming cherry tree
And the marble plaque memorialize
Friendship between Oakland and Yokohama, Japan
But of course it also commemorates World War II
In this historic military-industrial port of call

Inside a moment,
On a day almost entirely subdued

Missing In Action, indeed

Sure it's brisk, 
But I'm hardy and dressed for it,
Spent three hours out of doors

Every day is worthy of celebration

Health and strength in robust activity
Dinner and a nap await me
Across the train tracks, 
across the petroleum pipeline

A somewhat gloomy day perhaps
 Yet far from dreary,
In memory, in perception, in projection,
One locates the life of the mind

25 May 2015

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