Thursday, April 30, 2015

This Week in The Hoodie

Welcome to the Flaneur's patch

It's in a classy part of town

 An endless supply of beverages on a hot day,
But there's no such thing
As a free glass of water


 The coolest young people,

 A place where the trees are truncated,

 Where when elevator doors open,
You're face to face with the Port of Oakland

 Where you can float out on sunlight and water
And reach a sea of tranquility,

So you want to be a bird? *
I kept traveling as the gull flies,
And crossed the new Eastern span of the Bay bridge,
I have sailed under it several times 
But this is my first time on it,
The long stretch of unimpeded bay view is superb,
We saw a stirring vertical rainbow

Joey and I were on our way to SF Jazz
In order to dig the great Charles Lloyd,
I felt like I was on OG Kush, oh wait, I was

Miles away.... miles away..... **

* "Bird Song" (1969) - Holy Modal Rounders
** "Miles Away" (1980) - John Foxx
I hear music when I look at my image captures

"The Bird Song" is here:

"Miles Away" is here:

23-30 April 2015

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