Friday, October 31, 2014

Hallowe'en in ye Olde Berkeley

Just some glimpses and contemplations around town, you dig?

Berkeley Hallowe'en

 Berkeley Hat Shop
Source for many a black beret for me,
A costume center too

 Mossy tree on the Ohlone pathway

 Department of Unintended Symbolic Irony

 Cows in Berkeley?
This one knows when the BART trains go by
and when the first snow will arrive

 Mug shot on BART

 Community garden gate

Body-builder on Telegraph

31 October 2014

Ye Olde Berkeley

The Flaneur adds a few images captured in the lead-up to Hallow'en

Trad Berkeley, 
'twas ever thus

Brazen Nyad

Venerable living Dogwood tree

27 October 2014

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