Saturday, October 18, 2014

Grand Lake in the Afternoon


The Flaneur had planned a more literary post today but he resorts instead to images from yesterday's photo journal.

 Another day at the estuary

 Watching buildings collide

 The clouds spoke of the changing season

In Our Lady of Lourdes
I rested my eyes and replenished my soul

 Jesu, meine Freude

 Marquee accuses Mayor of running an extortion racket

 The old captain and I savor a puff and a smile

 A little window shopping presents itself

 Tat shop

Grand Avenue was always a swanky part of town

 A little heavy on my feet
--time for a up-snifter with the old feline fellows

 He just don't know wrong from right
Just like an alley cat

 Another dream away in life's matinee

 17 October 2014

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