Saturday, November 1, 2014

Oaktown on the Eve of All Hallowed

The Flaneur continues his never-ending ambulatory haunting covering locations deserted even by ghosts.

The Thirteenth Corridor of Skulls
No use playing trick-or-treat
Tonight or any other night

 No one will answer the door
Even though you sense that someone's there

A former cranial living-room
In the land of Nobody Ever at Home

 A prayer for the lost ones

 They are as frightened of us
Are we are frightened of them

His mind free of any lingering puzzlement
The Flaneur continued on his way

The Mystery of the Barber Pole

 Cinema wrapped in a mist
Not visible to the naked eye

 Never ask a Ouija board a question on October 31st,
You might not hear the answer that you wanted to

 Suitably neo-noir edifice,
The sort of hotel where
David Lynch stays on Hallowe'en

  Music thumping through the quietude
Out on the dark water 
A party boat passes by

 Soul kitchen clientele spend the haunted holiday
In the voodoo lounge 

 Bookstores are repositories of nostalgia,
Remember radio and records?
Remember books and Thanksgiving?

 Spent enough of my life as a dusty old scholar

 This year I'm dressed-up as a lawyer--
A particularly scary costume

 Dropped by a gloomy courthouse bar 

 After a busy day
Defending the indefensible

Really lit up the place...
"Hello, girls...
Bottoms up!"

31 October 2014

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