Thursday, October 2, 2014

Midnight Walk in Another Direction

Into the mysterioso, the Flaneur ventures into Chinatown after midnight to get not only darkness but some elusive calmness as well in his imagined image captures.

 "Legendary" I think it's also called the "Forbidden Palace"
They always use that hype
Then you get in and see why it should be called forbidden
stir-fried water bugs in black bean sauce

 Tunnel to Alameda
Lone figures were wrapped in sleeping bags
A pow-wow of the displaced took place nearby
The Lord is my savior and I bless these men

The Foreboding Pagoda
Happily there were no lights on this at night
A strange location and a odd presence

Tunnel from Alameda
Continual traffic here most of the time
Unidentified particulate mist becomes evident

 This building over the tunnel is named
The Portal of Oakland
Abandon all hope, ye all

Post urban warnings
For all you hazardous needs
in our American way of life c.2015

The constabulary facade stares back
Theatrical lighting
Our benevolent protectors

Pink neon on voodoo semiotics
Tattoo parlor after hours
You can't ink ghosts

1 October 2014

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