Saturday, October 11, 2014

North Berkeley Hillside Hike

Monterey Market

With fondness, the Flaneur devoured a slice of Berkeley yesterday. Looking for the perfectly ripened heart of an October afternoon, he got awfully close to it.

 Pomegranate a fruit of wonder, 
I can still remember having my first one

 Where did that kid come from?
(OK, I said I'd buy her a sody-pop if she'd climb up there
 and make like a barking pumpkin)

Eucalypti, baby

More of same
Looking back the way I came

The blessing 
Another day of life under the sky

 A Berkeley childhood in 2014
Every kid could enjoy life
If we would pry the wealth away 
from the morbidly greedy

 The miracle of running

Always with the lethal nomenclature,
Is the school team sponsored by a malt liquor?

 This tree and I
March to a different drummer

 I'm a member in good standing
of the Church of the Holy Tree

 The church will welcome you with open arms

 The Solano Tunnel
October country up there,
Landmarks like Indian Rock

The biggest specimens Whole Foods could muster--
 Pale and puny orbs at Tiffany prices

10 October 2014

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