Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Walk Along the Waterfront (The Secret of the Sea, Part IV, Chapter 1)

The Flaneur goes sight-seeing on the Barbary Coast's memory lane.

Crabs and mermaids rule 


Dine in art moderne style


Don't forget to bring your billfold

Of course there is fare to fit most budgets

It's eat or be eaten
Golden rule of the oceanic ecology

Old time street cars glide past,
Automobiles are discouraged

Groove to live music along Jefferson street,
The San Francisco sound has world renown

Representing the old Italian merchants,
I'll take a can of RAY TEX

New Wave art pin, 1979
Purchased at the Postcard Palace 
Columbus Avenue, North Beach

Cheap surrealism abounds

No more will Eminem rub shoulders with the Pope
The Wax museum has melted and concealed
It's doors stuck shut forever

Nautically inclined architecture,
The impression of a floating world

 Swim clubs enjoy a place of privilege,
In the middle of the National Historic Maritime Park


 You've got an "S" an "X" and an "E"
What can that spell?


 Did you ever hear a dolphin smile?
Cold water hash and a dunk in the Bay

 It's never easy getting a spliff lit on the beach

Nobody drops a dime,
Because the cops don't need you
And man they expect the same,
 This is San Francisco, California

 Everybody's high

 People are left to their own devices,
Mind your own bee's wax

Be cool,
Not like you just got off a banana boat

 Cable car turn-around,
Clanging bells, sound of the tracks,
 A unique odor of heated metal

 This joint has the audacity to claim
It invented the Irish Coffee,
They're good here though

Galleries forecast Peak Dali in 2050,
Shortages are expected to follow

Coit tower and North Beach comes into view

 Looking back fondly at the Maritime scene
 from the fractal-like municipal pier

As far as we go,



As evening falls the Flaneur retraces his path

Nothing says Christmas like homicidal robots,
But he's had enough over-stimulation for one day


Big neon fish,
Attracts businessmen in sharkskin suits,
Crucial to the food chain

Some of the money the City spent on the America's Cup
might have refurbished this historic signage

I recently watched the film "Birdman of Alcatraz,"
This rugged old neon fisherman had a cameo in it
A movie-star for over sixty years 


 Just enough time left
To side-swipe the Side Show

 Ring them bells

 Dusk settles like a pointillist painting

 We cast off from the heady hedonism
Of Fisherman's Wharf

 Into the liquid gold of the evening sky


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