Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Berkeley Dead Fest


All ye hippies

 Continuing  his survey of local groovy free festivals, your observer attends a local reenactment of a Grateful Dead show from decades gone by. The Flaneur makes the scene, even if he doesn't always hang out for very long.

Gather round

The old thing's the new thing
In a Berkeley town
"The Eyes of the World"
I think it was thrown by Deadheads from UC
I dig the gal in the soviet t-shirt.
As for the smurf bum* and the shirtless guy...

(* un clochard schtroumpf)

 Peaking on fire, fire on the mountain
Didn't even get their name, but when I closed my eyes
It sounded just like the old astronauts of inner space

Lil hippie chick paused her perpetual motion 
to cop a pose 

19 October 2014

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