Monday, October 20, 2014

Grand Lake in the Nighttime

Quotidian Phantasmagoria

The Flaneur likes to retrace his steps and he likes to spook himself out a little in October when the days grow shorter.

 Another evening at the estuary


 Another bead in the Necklace of Lights
Fast and bulbous
I heard a sound like trickling water or like a voice 
And walked in darkness

In a strange courtyard an apparition 
Holy Siouxsie,
A banshee!

 Buzzing Beelzebub
Which way out?

 I think I'll stay where the bright lights are
bad ... girl

 Color-enhanced by Cherry AK a splendid Sativa
Blended with a the purple Indica called Midnight

 The skull wants contacts
A boutique for chichi spectacles

It's not grotesque, it's just hideous
Baby legs, arms that would reach the hamster skull below,
What's with the hair from the tail of a jackass?
The "artist" appropriated the Sign on the Cross for his own logo!
I felt assaulted by this crucifix

 I thought I needed a drink after all that

 The Alley looked welcoming
But a 'karoke night' is non pour moi

 I know a quieter spot a few doors down

 But tonight I felt like I needed to drink
Water from another well

 Well, well, well, well,
I drank the water from a deeper well

19 October 2014

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