Monday, October 27, 2014

Fiesta de Los Muertos

When the woods turn to red and green tweed, and the veil between the living and the dead is thin, a gathering takes place to mark the beginning of holy unholy week. Sunday is now comparable to Palm Sunday as we begin a week in celebration of the dead and in contemplation of haunted things.

Terraza de Ofrendas

Cornucopia of memento mori
and comida de los muertos

 Remembering the dead
Provides the living with something to do

 In the plaza below
The musical machinery cranks up

 A good time dance band,
 Latin American pattern recognition

 Be careful not to step on any fresh graves

 Los Artisanos de los Muertos

 Master craftsman's table,
A mother and daughter study the tradition,
The art of the skull

Sugar and water
 How to make candy skulls

 Everybody represents
Their own skull face

 Senora selling decorated candy skulls

 Skulls all sizes

 Calavera Mother and child
In the area where babies are held

Guerrilla Theater
 The white monster made theMeso-Americans
Bow to the altar of US Militarism

Calaveras y Calacas
For Sale


 Elegant skeletons

 It seems some marriages are made in hell

'Til death do we part?
Some couples are like Mormons,
Who stay married until the end of time

 I'm still pining for my own corpse bride

 A huge day,
A new mural was unveiled
 Part of the bone-knob festivities

 Momentos and the chrysanthemums fade away,
Eventually no one remembers those who once lived,
Souls go back to the Eternal Soul

To all the living and the dead,

26 October 2014

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