Thursday, October 23, 2014

Against Police Brutality

The Flaneur attends a demonstration in Oakland against the barbaric militarized police state.

I guess Occupy worried the 1%-ers enough to warrant a ramp-up on their end of the class war. One can't help but wonder what level of abuse will occur before it's robo-cops and outright marshal law.
 I moved on, waiting on Broadway for a bus to Berkeley. At first two bicycle cops alighted on the corner across from the impassioned but entirely orderly crowd. By the time the words "Police murder" rang out on the plaza there were eight cops on bikes on the corner, amassing like crows in an Alfred Hitchcock film. One of the eight cops, the only African-American officer, noticed my steady scrutiny. I could tell he didn't like it. It looked like he wished he had an excuse to come over and brutalize me.

 Proceeding down Broadway I saw motorcycle cop sitting on a side street at the ready for a clamp-down. By the time I returned around 4:30, the helicopters were up and the motorcycle cop sent the bus on a onerous detour to a distant bus-stop. The driver being a good German refused to let us deboard until we reached the distant remote. The traffic snarled. No doubt some of the hotheads blamed the protesters for creating a "bad investment climate."
The helicopters pounded on.

22 October 2014

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