Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Story of O


Random recent rambling
around town


Feel like I did as I child,
Old folks and cannabis 
a new mural

 Shortly after 4:20 PM
20 April 2016

 Man with dyed hair 
and pink flamingo shirt


 Civilization loomed
over us all


 I saw Mephistopheles 
in the clouds

The new chihuahua,
Then they get tired of them
and its like Dachaund
all over again

Ye Olde Oklande


 A moment's bright respite
in the oldest part of town

I'll take a magnum of

Meet me at

 Abhorrent ancients persist
in popular mythology
as harmless cartoons

 An undergarment
It's called a banana hammock,
sort of a cod piece to stay warm
and enhance one's profile

 Goes well with this
battered Bat bike,
Two people mount it
to hurl through traffic

At sundown
 the sky got crowded

The peoples' shard garden

Thursday was a portentous day,
At 10AM I heard on the radio
The body of an adult male
was removed from Paisley Park

At 11AM the radio said
 Prince had been found dead

I love to sit
 in a vegetable garden,
Note US and MacDonald's flags 
in the ironic distance

Rainbow shard in bed
Health is life

It's a place I like to be

But I don't salute 
any flag

Last week I said to myself
It's the type of place
where abandoned gas stations
stay abandoned

Then this week,

Earth Day
Lakeside park

You wouldn't say
uncloudy day

Roses play ring

Around the bandstand

After it rains

The quiet crows in the oaks
don't seem to mind

I join them in solidarity
in the enchanted trees,
in the fairy tunnel underneath

The flowering oaks
in Springtime,
Our emblematic tree

 The clouds were magnificent

 They spoke to me

Time comes to move on

I took the first exit

 A day's vastness
culminating in cumulus clouds,
hard to keep inside

 Gold threshold in purple clouds,

for Prince


None of you
stand so tall,
Pink moon
gonna get you all
 Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink,
Pink moon

April 2016

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