Sunday, April 24, 2016

Havin' the Kraken

Kraken Con


Met the nicest people
visiting from Willie Wonka-land

 Lobster gal or lobster dude?
Androgyny is huge,
So let's rock

Sexy cheerleaders
 from outer space

Subtle eccentrics as well
like this mouse-eared gamine
One stocking says YES
the other one says No,
As we used to say,
 a tease

This brassiere-headed urchin
fits the norm

This group is my odd favorite,
I think the butch with the case
wants to clobber me

Tea time,
I must be going


He doesn't know what to think

Chivalry's not dead

 He's the Sir Walter Raleigh
of the Emo Dimension

This guys hair sufficed
 as costume enough

My pretty pink rose

Want to catch up with this
cool crowd


Look who I caught
In my quantum particle net,
Mademoiselle Mermaid 
of Mars

Out pours
the rank and file
I'll take a group candid shot

My earplugs were in
looking at the image
I suspect she didn't want 
her picture taken

Mom intuits that
I'm going to take a shot
Of her teddy bearing boy

But the bus waits
for no man
(or what have you)
Berkeley's calling me

Ditch your Mom, baby,
You know,
you and I
could really

4:30 PM
The party's almost over

 Things have gotten
a little fuzzy,
a bit out of focus

 They're takingaway
the spare body parts

Everybody's prettier
at closing time
 Sometimes you get lucky

Hello, Girls

See you next year

there's Waldo

 Nice to see you,
better luck to both of us

See you next year

23-24 April 2016

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