Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Drive-By Mania

On Broadway

The 51 runs right by my baby's door


 The driver is captain of the ship,
He steers through the hazards

 Art Deco masterworks

 A new place to be

 So that's why Jessus
is looking so buff lately

 Always plenty of traffic
on Automobile Row

 The place on the corner
is a cafe where
they let cats
walk all over you

 Former domain
of the American
Automobile Industry

 Cars are a good way
to end up in the...



Another good way
to get a room there
is to eat at 

 A Butchery Restaurant

They slaughter the animal
right at your table

  Hollywood high


I'm going to oogle-map
the entire #12 bus route
 You leave the inner city
for the high streets
of Piedmont

My favorite tuxedo shop
they have a great selection
of colors



White picket fence
on MLK
in Berkeley

April 2016

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