Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Addison Blues


I was here before
long ago,
Some sort of restaurant

Do the Addison Blues
...walk away your shoes 

New lacuna,
Berkeley urban renewal
Plows on

Black Madonna,
No, not Beyonce
The Addison windows,
I recall hanging a show here
decades ago

Primordial mystic,
Black man 
got a lot on his head

Tight jeans and Puffy boots 
Raggity Ann wig,
Mobile phonecall,
 the cloud

I am very happy
 to co-exist with bears
I hope to never see any
In captivity is too abhorrent,
In the wilderness is too wild

A have a bit of cougar in me,
Not just because 
I'm old and still sexy

A Flaneur sees all
misses nothing

A girl crosses the street
in a multiplicity of dimensions

A mosaic is the opposite of a straight line

April 2016

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