Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lost Weekend Found

Laughing skull
urging me on

The Flaneur opens his lids 
for you to see where he's been

Friday evening

Lettrist Cul-de-sac

 The sky as beautiful
a morbid Japanese myth

 I hope I die before 
I get terminally hip

I'm out tonight
 No one home
I can tell

 Haunted by a neon sign 
A closed-up Catholic church

 Welcome here


Swimming in an ocean
of calamine lotion

 Some remark to me 
that the streets are risky
after dark

 I can speak for only one
Midnight rambler

 Great tiles
Business came and went

Saturday afternoon

Smoking skeleton
let it be zeitgeist

Automobiles are a form
of quantified aggression


Dayglo Abortions...
I'm too old for
that kind of stuff now

Action sidewalk
sunshine daydream

I would like to reclaim this building
for a psychedelic shack,
Industrial strengthy

Scene from a short play
by Samuel Beckett

Cafe composite

Roundhouse roundabout

My frequent
Port of call

Red sail in daytime
Forever isn't forever anymore

Lonesome as a dove

Fourth Sunday,
Tilden Park

What's this? what's this?
Now the crowd will
breathe down at all
who occupy fewer seats

Oh so they don't plan
to ease the over-crowding 
anytime soon,
More room for bikes

Older Mexican in Sunday finery
Forgot to check his hat
for cobwebs

Long slow wait 
for the the uphill bus

To Tilden
In splendid Spring

Water pours through the creek beds
Frisson of rocks and cold

The articial pond
named lake Anza
 in its abundance

Plenty of folks
ready to take a splash in it

Friends find a peaceful spot
As the green lingers 
on the sunniest hillsides

I made a fine friend myself
to share the trail today,
California native
with a Kerouac tattoo

Peaceful walks
 and humorous talk,
Available grace

Sleepy deadhead home
on a subterranean BART train,
all of us ultimately

15-17 April 2016

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