Friday, April 8, 2016

Floating Toward a Penultimate Bayshore

A fluke day of hot sun temperatures
no ambition but a splash on the edge

Morning embarkment

I shan't be long at sea, my dear

 Watch the mistress, Lionel

 Sunny and clear
warm already,
New mural in a finished state

Turbulence left behind

 Little guys like to pose
 with their stuffed toys

 Jewel like clarity today

 Oh great,
 who clued Homeland Security?

 They must have noticed
when I swiped my clipper 

Windows on the Wharf

 Oysters revitalize my world

 A blessed moment here,
 Optimal weather
and scant tourists

to the point of exhilarating
 all around


 The beach is mine

 One big smile
Earthy and marine

 Standing out in the frigid bay
I feel a bit free

 The Egret

Look who showed up,
mid-day on the public beach

His realm for another few months
June brings too many people 

I hope that the egret will
 forgive my brief annoyance,
And that you will indulge me
in the following sequence

 I've gone to seed 
Gone to the birds
Taking a break in the shade

 Can you believe it?
I fell asleep

Indoors Outdoors
Fine Distinction 

 Though I exhibit here
my visions of the quotidian world,
I am in fact a full-time Surrealist

draw me in
I'm hooked

 Naps that take place
in paintings of old ships


 The Imagination
 Remnant of rudder and bow

 The old sailor's chest,
An inward life
in the ultimate outside

 The ocean of the oneiric
Always ready to overwhelm

 The lifeboat, the whaler, the skiff
Away, away,away

The smiling fish
Timeless archetype
of a sea-food dinner

 In decorative tile
Centrifugal force of the sea

 Here at the edge of the world

Appropriated Lanterns

 The eye
 and its extensions

 Invitation au Voyage

 Young people don't even remember 
how it used to be

 Sometimes the meta-narrative
breaks down
And I recall it's all
a movie

Circling the earth

Louie, Louie 
Me got to go

 I left my lock in San Francisco

 Like the back of an alligator
We trail off
A journey to the East bay

 The bridge stands in the current,
Theoretical fixity

The two bridges
bridged by the clouds
of a Pacific afternoon

 Ships of the Port
Ever in transit

 A field of gulls
A slow boat from China,
we draw near

 Party people aboard the boat
The bar is busy on this run

Landing in Oakland,
same old, same old

6 April 2016

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