Friday, April 15, 2016

Strolling Oakland: Mercantile Piedmont


Feel like some window-shopping,
Should I take the Vette?

The Piedmont
an avenue, a part of Oakland,
a town unto itself

Used bookshop display

She's with Ronnie now,
In the place Republicans go to
when they die

Right this way, says Frenchie
the noir past
 always with us

Let's give it the double-O

 Artsy middle class part of town
Rally for Bernie is planned

 The warp and weave
 of the place is apparent

 Giant sunglasses for sale
that sort of thing

 High-brow movies
Helen Mirren looking very focued
You know that it's serious

 They could work on their lettering

 Colorful pachyderm
seeking your acceptance

 All the color and splendor
Of an evanescent middle-class

Still quite fond of La Farine
walnut-raspberry whole wheat scones
 I patronize the one on College ave

Look who's here at the book zoo,
Bill Burroughs and Charles Gatewood,
Hardbound, not first edition

 Spring is busting out all over
Wonder if it's a brothel

a store specializing in magazines,
Cover-boy Sex Pistol Steve Jones


 Looka real odd survival
 Humidor-style woody
But the tobacconist is closed today

 Sturdy canes and walking sticks
To bat away nightmarish cars,
But I'm looking for matchsticks,
Quality smokers' matches

 Classy ashtrays
and assorted bric-a-brac,
For the anglophile tobacco addict

 Glass portal
 to a time-worn worm hole

 Sid bled for our sins,
So let it bleed, you devil

Nomination for the freakiest mural,
Female wolf spirit shows white folks
the damage they done

The missionary friers gave the native brave
Levi dungarees to conceal his shame
Evil Spaniards ripped off their souls,
Some ashamed local went a bit further
and tried to scrub away his nudity

Black and white crosswalk,
Odd ethnic notions abound 

 He was once a major sideshow attraction
He could roll a smoke with his mouth
His chopstick technique was a wonder

There is a kind of a feng shui 
a happenstance symmetry
to the commercial neighborhood,
It is not without a certain charm

11 April 2016

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