Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Berkeley All Over

Someone in Golden Gate park
 accused me of being
so Berkeley
which was odd
but not entirely untrue

 Don't you think the donkey laughs at you?

 Oh back-to-school sale

 Sorry wrong question
Step in the right direction though,
first US museum show

To sell your pleasure to you

more flowers on Benvenue

 to be a bee

Red tree blue sky

Declaration of joy

Must have been 
a good year for the roses

All that rain didn't hurt

A lot of different flowers
work the same basic
daisy design concept

Color fixation

Rhododendron dig the shade

 Around the bend
still putting finishing touches
on his magnum opus
on Webster street

 Back downtown on the

 Berkeley elevates early,
mid-wives play mozart,
Playgrounds demo 
classical columns

 To every child
his throne

The sizzle of Pop

No tears, my dears,

All signs of the times

Stickers on a park bench

Socks that say,
Yes, I'm Latina
Who the hell do you
think you are?


 Berkeley girl with friends
coming into town
on a BART train

Everyday can be
 a 420 day
if you want it

 Everybody pulled their socks up

April 2016

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