Monday, April 4, 2016

In the Vicinity of Yesterday

Feet on the ground
head in the clouds

The Flaneur takes a nostalgic Sunday Stroll

Pardon my bullshit

They built the Old Oakland sidewalk around
A Mysterious Druidic stone,

Easter in Italy
In my mind

New girl in the neighborhood

It's a mystical location really


Well-read as well

A public-service bookstore
In this quaint old building

Intellectual anchor
 for the neighborhood

I'm beyond the bookstore,
Wonder if I could rock a Franklin hat,
Scary white people T-shirt

New mural in progress

Young artists
Got to know.
Art is a muscular gesture

Sure got a long way to go,
And a helpmeet 
to share the burden

A new Superman meets Batman movie

Lined up for it

Sunday afternoon 
at the Port of Oakland

Pleasure boats 
spend most of time
Tied up somewhere

Just enough breeze
To give the water goosebumps

Behind every curtain
a banquet
Magical Mystery meat

Nautical Dad
and two sons

See you later.
I'm riding the elevator up

Sardines, cheese sandwich 
and a wee jar of brandy,
Jack Herer and Butter OG
make the smoke

The clouds told tales

Quite high I confess,
On my way back
to sea level

But you know
I walk quiet streets
I'm not riding a bike,

Or amotor-scooter
Tanked up on high caffiene
Blue bottle coffee

Nice as that may be

We'll never forget 
How can we?

A previous blog documented 
a disreputable police bar here
Now gone for good

Did unspeakable sadistic practices 
Occur in this creepy attic?
We  may never know

The old nut-tightener

Corrugated iron doors
have come down

Dead fingers talk
Gloves make sure
they don't

Not me
I got the key
to the highway

Full circle
Home is where
The hat flips

Time to resume
my secret identity

 I'm parked near here
I think

3 April 2016

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