Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to Berkeley

Freshmen line up for cannabis authorization letters

Every September the city renews its license to locate Bedlam 

Time to hit the books
And chase the dragon

All summer long busy
With the roof to the new monstrosity
Adding to the glare

Under drought conditions 
with the thermometer at eighty degrees,
It's as if the trees are about to burst into flames

A cool overcast day is more than welcomed
Meanwhile the Post Office remains unsold

Guy atop the recycled junk bear downtown

Kids recite their poems at the Watershed festival,
These two boys just read and were well-received

Another day at the People's Park

People can convene there

They can line up at the Food Not Bombs table

And receive an appetizing and healthy meal for free

An apartment building on Dwight near Telegraph

Many a poet crossed this threshold
For an after-reading soiree upstairs

It's a place where you are encouraged
To be who you want to be

Rejecting repression and conformity
Some land on the border of savagery

So why not sport a jaunty hat
and parade around
on Hallowe'en?

September 2015

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