Saturday, September 19, 2015

Morning Beach Scene

Dew on the morning grass,
 a sight I've see recently only on rare occasions

 Likewise for the long green shadows of morning in a park

 The beach was entirely mine,
A repairman showed up bright and early 
so I cleared out of my pad to come out here for a few hours,
There actually was a group of well-behaved kids in school uniforms
 They played field games and were contained to a short stretch of beach
Well more than one hundred of them, a school field trip most likely,
Nevertheless I fell asleep in the shade, in the sand, in September,

The school kids were like some formal dream sequence in a European film,
The way there were almost always at a distance and in groups,
In such stark contrast to the otherwise deserted beach
In my demi-sleep two walked by talking,
When I awoke again they were in orderly squadrons
being gently marshalled out of the park

 When I awoke it was time to hightail it home,
Hot coffee and off again

18 September 2015

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