Thursday, October 1, 2015

Strolling Oakland in a Blue Bubble

The Flaneur is well accustomed to an indica dominant hybrid or blend,
Bringing it all back home I noticed the label on the envelope,
 the new cannabis was very potently sativa dominant,
Blue Bubble 

I stopped a moment 
to light up before my walk

The world seemed 
To rush at me with a  sudden implicitness

Every moment a new universe

Divine in design

In the artificial environment
Complexities of occupancy

Running through the shadows

A house cannot experience paranoia
We are reminded

The urban world sags,
Its own ponderous gravity

Momentarily mesmerized 
At the entrance to a tattoo parlour

Never shall ink stain my temple
"You can't come in here"
I'd already left
They couldn't sin me so they cast me out

 Even the tiles seemed pregnant with energy

 The tesserae of daily life

Always arriving
At a familiar place

 Seeing the tree on the shadowy sidewalk

 Curvilinear reality
Non-Euclidian geometry

 I'll go inside
And say a prayer

Meet me Jesus Meet me
Meet me in the middle of the air

 The walls bulge inward
I'm getting used to the effect

  Breathing with organ pipes

 In the cosmic arms of the Virgin Mary

 A side show altar
Dedicated to Our Blessed Mother

 Wade in the water

Wade in the water

Wade in the water, Children
 God's gonna trouble the water

The way I came in

Nothing left to do ,
But to make my Confession

And join the saints

 25 September 2015

In the courtyard
Minus one crystal ball