Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last Night and Todaysville

 The sky held promise
First rain of the season was afoot

The miraculous resides in every day experience

The Night before last actually

 The East is deep

 Really starting to come on now

The rippling mushroom clam shell effect

 Turning electric around the edges

Rockridge to Elmwood Transition

Street journalism according to RAY
 Weegee of inanimate objects
Portrait of a deceased aristocracy

The supermarket superstructure

 An attempt to obliterate our scene
For profit

 The scene hangs on,
All one can do is resist

Black hole,
at the end of the concrete tunnel

 The juggernaut of holiday candy cometh

 Time for all the familiar dualisms:
Candy versus healthy nutrition,
Life versus awareness of mortality

 It's not just 
That the Flaneur is a voyeur,
It's that people are exhibitionists

I'm quite content
To let my mind climb a tree

To watch the grasses in the breeze

 Everything even succulents revitalized by the rain

 Come inside the garden

Back to the world of bricks and mortar
Into the library to make images appear here

15 and 17 September 2015

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