Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oakland Industrial Art and Culture

Accompany the Flaneur on a psychogeographical expedition

 We begin around here--Eighth and Wasington
Watch out for a mean gay rooster lurking around here
Frankenfood accident in poultry industry
-- pigeons get found dead

 We suggest our location indirectly

 A gruesome silent movie
Morbidly projected on a wall painted black

 Representing the brand of commodified athletics
 Consumed hereabout

A banal verse in a concrete poem

 A coveted wall on which to signify

 The last green of spring
Clings to the roots of summer

Phantom limbs,
Monochrome tree

 Kiddy Bitch
Street art gold

 Classicism in high voltage industrial design

Dirty old town,
Dirty as we like it to be

Power point presentation
I dig its use of punctuation

 The high end of industrial intelligence

 An eruptive landscape
The unstoppable return of the repressed

 Emergent Silver Skull

 A sudden train passes at a good clip
A few feet past my elbow,
Sensation addict

 It's a Hitchcock world
Palpable frisson just in being alone here

 When Roosevelt came to the land of the hummingbird,
 Here comes old slow poke now

 Welcome to the Port of Oakland

 The Platonic ideal
Shadowy reflection on a cave of glass

 The actual and its double

 We sail toward the double sunset 
An imaginary bay rising in the sky

 Screens behind the illusion
Trainwreck culture

Is that even considered politically correct anymore?

The new police bruisers
Always enough funding for police gasoline
So they can stop the sky from being so lovely

What the police see when they hit Washington

 Close to home again,
Transgender wig salon or something

Speak softly and carry a big schtick
That's my new motto

17 July 2015

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