Thursday, September 24, 2015

September Sunset Terminal

Sunset junkie

First day of autumn
Portents coming on 

 Addictions are mere habit-formation

 When you live up in the sky you're never lonely
The moon is my room mate

My soul has been psychedelicized

23 September 2015

They keep calling me 

When the saints come marching in

Another night
 another phantasmagoric autumn sunset sky 

It became like unto molten gold,
The biblical miraculous


After this the cloud squadrons turned
sacramental purple 
as they faded into night

24 September 2015

Into the ethereal 

I promise myself I'll stop


25 September 2015


Anatomy of a sunset

 It begins in golden yellows

 Next the pinkening occurs

Then the sky shows pink

29 September 2015

 Lucky old sun

See you next September

30 September 2015

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