Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Strolling Oakland: Architectural Walk

  Framing Oakland 

A ambulatory survey of chance encounters,
 notable structures west of Broadway downtown

 Architectural achievement recognized

 Not to suggest that everyone is happy 
about the way things turned out

 About the distance between the ASK building
And the Carles Hotel

 A voyage never undertaken

 The distance between the ASK building
And the Dellums federal building

 With it's prismatic windows

Keeping the haves and the have-nots happy

 Pavilion of our great state of California
No rain so no roof necessary

 Designer/Builder credits
Kind of crimping the state seal

Ye olde City Hall

It is all around

 Oakland still has a place for hard-working white men

 Overall a place worthy of preservation

 One can still detect aspects of its Deco heyday

 A grand piano of a building

 Opening into classical civilization

A tree grows in Oakland

 The Flaneur regards and records
A culture soon to vanish
To recur only in dreams

15 June 2015

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