Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Berkeley Pier Gone to a Flimsy Premise


The Flaneur has his eyes opened on Labor Day sunday

 The glittering Bay
Always an escape to somewhere far-away

 Some boats go out,
Many stay in port

 Tenacious weeds hang on in the wind

 The boats they come and go,
Come and go

 They like to frisk around,
Pretend to duel or whatever

 The boats come in
 A mild flotilla


 Kayaks head out for adventure,
Not many hikers on so fine a holiday weekend

No one walks the Berkeley Pier today
 So majestic and awe-inspiring

 It all comes back,
Do-gooders determined that  
no one shall assume the risks involved

One finds oneself at a loss,
It will be a fine day when they find the funds and fix it,
Open it to the fresh air public and to the humble fishermen

 People pile up incredulously,
A last glance from the parting bus window

6 September 2015

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