Thursday, September 10, 2015

Long Long Way to September

Basic geophysical aspects of a trip across the San Francisco bay

The bio-mechanical sound of gulls

Inching about the globe

Guess where the Flaneur is going

To San Francisco by the water

It's been so hot landward of here
The air is pleasantly warm even mid-bay

Hey that's synchronistic,
I stopped and bought a large ice cold bottle 
Before I caught the ferry

Heading round the waterfront
Toward the end of Summer

Toward the timeless time 
Outdoors under the sheltering sky

Able-bodied sea man
Riding the Bay

Maritime park is quite temperate
After the glimpse of uban-oven Oakland I had today

I found a charming peaceful spot in the shade
Had my lunch with a still chilled Heineken
I stopped to hold it in the surf a while to be sure

Ah, all the weight of the world,
Seems a bit more buoyant from this vantage

A couple came and sat nearby,
One could not help but be impressed by their eye-contact,
Their earnest intent at mutual communication

I was content thanks to my fresh silicon ear-plugs,
Fascinated by the splash down of diving birds

The tone of their palaver began to slightly annoy
Even if I was spared the details of whatever was driving it:
They slept together but Mr Sexy wants to keep open,
Or how dreams need to be set aside to pay the rent,
Whatever, the melodrama of the mundane

I shoved off,

Fishing and recreation squandered

Is this what is to become of the Berkeley pier?

A ghostly place 
white-washed in guano?

A tale of two piers
The active municipal pier busy with hikers,
Sight-seers and bikers,
The other barred and moribund

Escape from Alcatraz,
Leave it for the First Nations,
Abandon it for the bird-men to reclaim

The fissures of time

Here I've come,
The cool breeze starts at 5:15

 I fell asleep for an hour or so,
When you wake up outside
You doubt whether you actually slept,
The changing light says otherwise

 The sun tucks itself into bed

 Lamp-like boat gallery,

 Pelican is totemic animal of this day

 Eyes turn toward shore dinner and drinks

 Now that's class

 No so classy that you can't leave your straw cowboy hat on

 It grows late,
it grows late

The mechanical sound of laughter


 Someone is always glad to see me


A place where a lot of people leave their heart

A little early for my boat
 and it's actually getting cool out,
There's a warm spot that's always open
The expressionistic noir fun house:
Musee Mechanique

You know I am, baby

 It's fun to pretend to shoot and shoot people,
Not that anyone really would ever want to actually do that

 I'm ready for the fourth dimension

 If I ever did see one

 Thought about diving in today,
Lucky for me the atmosphere cooled off first

 Them damn monkeys, 
They play OK though

 This is the point at which I quit this stage

The sentimental fastening of pointless locks,
An invasive species of behavior imported from Paris

 Squadrons of pelicans
Pointillate every seascap, every sky

 Radiant sunset of a warm day in late summer

 San Francisco loves you too,
Well, sort of,
Really time to depart this wharfish scene

Out into the darkness
A mild night on the Bay


9 September 2015

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