Monday, April 6, 2015

High Tide Green Grass Easter Sunday

At the risk of overburdening his faithful readers with yet more seascapes, 
The Flaneur celebrates the return of rain clouds and blustery weather
He Who Cometh with clouds skies

The Town

When you're gravity fails...
And it's Easter time too

Well, what can a poor boy do?

 I've come to Alameda on Easter Day
Take it easy, there, Nigel

 Pirates chest of sea and simulacra

 Sky and Shore

The atmosphere emulsifies
Bat Ray migrates toward water, salt water

 First rain in months had just moved on,
Clouds are dear
The flowers of the sky

 The submarine walkway was indeed undersea

 Looking Southwest
I sheltered under a parasol
Out of the bitey wind

 If the rail was continous
Even at the highest tide
You could walk to the other side

 Rock entity

 Stout armada of clouds to the North

Colors of a tide pool's rocks

 The undulating level of the waterfowl

 The wine-stained rocks of Ilium

 Time to submerge

AS I was leaving I looked down the shore a ways and noticed the seagulls were zeroing in on  a scene that could only mean food was on offer. As I approached the calliope of coming and going gulls I saw that they were attacking an abundance of pastel-dyed hard-boiled eggs.
A feeding frenzy.
As I came close I asked the two men who were bringing the eggs if they were feeding the birds for Easter. The younger of the two said no, they were trying to hide them before bringing in the little kids to find them. "Well, the birds know about them now." I asked the older guy, who looked like a tattooed Mexican Samoan hybrid, if his wife had cooked all those eggs. Yes, he answered. I laughed and gave him my blessing. They drove off with what remained of the eggs in an old station wagon.
Noisily, the relentless seagulls finished off the multi-colored Easter eggs.

Turn Around

 Bat Ray makes his migratory escape

 Goofy tooth head at shopping center

Beef-fed and gin-soaked
 Trying a little too hard, maybe

Back the way we came

 This kook boutique sells infrared and
Ultraviolet traffic signals,
Lava lamp head lights

 Return to Easter in a Chinatown

What did the Easter Bunny leave behind?

5 April 2015

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