Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Consurrexist: Easter Mass

Altar with window of Christ the King

Saint Albert's College chapel on Chabot
A place of pilgrimage at Easter for the Berkeley Flaneur.

At the gate of a neighborhood Zendo

The old tree that grows 
through a hole cut in the roof
showing new green leaves

The sky is cloudy and meaningful this April, 
Looking west toward the Zen place

Under the encompassing trees
The Priory of Saint Albert the Great

 Its grounds, so becoming in the Spring

 A passageway to sacred space,
 Let's go see that window from inside

 On the contemplative stairway,
Evocative heraldry in glass

 Christ, The Judge
On the left panel souls ascend to reward
On the right panel the wicked descend to oblivion

 Our clergy function as fishermen of souls

A beautiful and transporting Dominican chapel,
A place of Sacrament

 Soul-building equipoise in sacred design

 To the right the miraculous new organ,
At first I  missed the sight-line to the window behind
The Transfigured Christ

 Across from it,
 Window of the Risen Christ,
Alleluia, Alleluia

 The Gospel is read from this podium,
Today the priest sang the entire episode
Of Mary Magdalene meeting the Risen Jesus,
I brushed away tears of joy,
The endless spiritual perfection of it,
Like a universal spiritual waterfall
Focusing on us,
Encountering Christ

 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord

 The organ is our booster rocket,
Free forever even though 
We return to a world of woe

 Our exemplars and forbearers,
We join them in the Communion of the Saints


 I brought me best pipes, 
Sang out without inhibition
Most of the brothers were new to me,
They noticed God sent someone to sing with them

Hours I have spent in deep peace
With these, my brothers and my friends

 Sun came out as I made my way back
Past the Zendo roof-tree

Easter Tuesday
7 April 2015

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