Tuesday, April 21, 2015

420 UCB 2015

The Berkeley Flaneur checks in with his figurative grandkids

4:20 PM, April twentieth, 2015;
Students gather to proclaim, demonstrate, and celebrate
smoking marijuana,
Ray Man is there again this year.
I commenced my participation with two healthy inhalations
of a hand-roll blending OG Kush, Indica dominant,
and Strawberry Kush, a Sativa

4:30 PM:
Everybody's high,
I wanted to ask if I could crawl in with them,
Dig the cat with the joint and two girls
Who think everything he says is funny

 4:38 PM:
At this point these kids are baked

Look at the guy with the light blue shirt,

 Look at the girl front and center,
I heard her tell her friends 
She can't find her sunglasses,

I came back down this way,
I had wandered up to the campanile plaza
And attended a transporting carillon concert,
Suspended in the sky 
While crystalline notes floated past,

I left campus via this gate,
Nice to see a white ass around here for a change

White boys
Seem to walk on air
 When it's Four Twen-day on Telegraph

I felt like old Santa Claus checking out the young folks to see who's being naughty and who's being nice.The nice ones wre the people who smokes and sat peacefully on the grass looking into their friends eyes. No music was playing, nobody drew attention to themselves, well not counting parachutes.
The naughty kids were the ones who really didn't appear to smoke anything but were there in case cannabis becomes a legal thing; they want to be able to add that they attended the UCB 420 rally on their resumes (omitting the detail that they themselves weren't smoking)

20 April 2015


In the crowd image with the guy in the blue shirt, look left of him and between the two girls. The well-toned guy middle-aged guy in the orange cap is a police spy.
In the following image, I reached the far side of the crowd and take out my camera you'll notice him again keeping a steady eye on me. I had obviously just caught his attention when I walked past.
 He appears as well in the Campanile photo, never engaging anyone, certainly never smoking, standing attentively with an apparent earpiece.

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