Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Orchid Mosaics

Objective chance will provide wonders when one trusts in it.

 The grass-lawn bowling club's courts

  Bowling Club's mosaic

 Wow, where am I?

 The combined aroma of hundreds of orchids,
Toujours d'amore

 Sensuality made flesh

I don't really notice a whole lot of grass-lawn bowling taking place

Exotic green flower petals

I wanted to pollinate each and every blossom

  Good and dutiful pollinator that I be

 I felt like I was addressing 
An eager class of sexy young students

 A flowering gazebo indoors

 An ambiance like an expensive brothel


 Who brought here this bounty of beauty for Spring?

Hats off to the Golden Gate Cymbidium Society

Things were lovely outside the hothouse as well

March 2015

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