Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Bone Knob Land

" an obeah man/
revered throughout the bone knob land"
Don van Vliet/Captain Beefheart
"Those Little Golden Birdies"

The Flaneur inhabits a surrational realm
where the mundane becomes mysterioso

I come in via 
Jefferson Pterodactyl

 Hey, look out,
Jurassic Porker!

 Thanks to this genome rebirth project
Everything prehistoric is Anthrozoic again

 Homo sapiens drove Neanderthal to extinction 
When wolves learned to read 
The whites of our eyes

 Our ancestors retained this perennial lesson,

 It's the tooth

      It's the motherfucking tooth


 Survival as a genomic heirloom
 Passed along the neon branches
Of our family tree

On another stratum
 Triceratops are stirring again
In the anthropic twilight

 He was here at the same time as Adam,
But we're still around,
Should we fear?

The cyber-light source failed,
Sub-sonic rumble in the old bones tonight

March 2015

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