Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bird Myriad Inhabits Marina

The Flaneur was out walking in Lakeside park Thursday
when he encountered an old friend and his dog,
We spent an interlude on the sunny side of the lake
Making plans to meet again the next day

 Friday's adventures included an elongated afternoon
at the Berkeley Marina

Waterfowl and other fishers 
Cover this inlet of the Bay,
far into the distance,
Racetrack across the water

I have never seen such numbers of them here

 We'll all go together in a wildflower time

 Odd how they all swim away defensively,
As if I'm going to leap in and get them,
As if they can't fly away if I did

Rain water caught in a rock,
Red-winged blackbird to say goodbye

9-10 April 2015

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