Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Earth Art

Rocks at the shore
reveal secret dimensions

Incarnadine rocks

A real Winter this year
storms and King tides
the debris is extraordinary

suggestive of the cave art
of Lescaux

The sky was an alien eye
a vast streamlined eclipse of cloud
enveloped a windy disk

Paleolithic wars
of the evolving hominids

The thrill of it all

Mineral consciousness

Geological time

What that's actor's name?
hard-boiled but kind

Sometimes you think
you are seeing
a body washed ashore
of someone lost at sea

 It's a labyrinthine

I found my way out
through the maze
of a centrifugal bush

A single sturdy lily
at Crab Cove
met me
orifice and entrance
to another green world

February 2017

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