Thursday, March 16, 2017

Saint Patrick's Parading

Americae's biggest and best-loved ethnic holiday
Forget Columbus Day
Who's even heard of Bastille day?
Like the other Irish-American holiday Halloween,
Only the growing popularity of Dia de Los Muertos
may someday hold a candle to
Saint Patrick's Day

Everyone's Catholic
on Saint Patrick's day

Ash Wednesday brings Lent
which brings Saint Patrick's
which brings Spring
which comes wit Easter

'Twas ever thus

 Can't really agree with the stout anymore
I suppose I might have aged out
but the whiskey is as splendid
as it ever was

Let's go
in the garden,
 shall we?

Time to get out
the green glass heirlooms
and have dinner

 I saw a recipe for Colcannon
made with canna-butter
made me want to try to make it
with the cannabis on the side

Time to get a little happier

Try to catch a butterfly
on the wing

Even a glass butterfly 
is not as easy as it looks

 is contagious

Ultra Owl

The wee folk are always with us
this impish fellow stops
just short of wicked

There were little kids
wearing bunny ears
in the trees in the park

Tall man with a
miniature Doberman,
we talked a little

Today's a day
to ley your mind
float away

Fighting Irish

Nature is my primary medicine
that and cannabis

where did he come from?

He was of course
conspicuously Catholic

Cartoon garden owl

Let's go, let's go

Not everyone
wear green

Erin go bragh

March 2017

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