Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Window-shopping on Buy Nothing Day

Trickle down time

The Day after Thanksgiving in the USA
Buy Nothing Day
Some call it Black Friday,
of even African-American Friday
a day of both dissent and
of excessive materialism

Grand Ave in Oakland

The Day of the Dead
and the death blow election
hung like an unhappy specter
over the city

The seasons change
in front of my eyes

Shock and awe
the first strike is the deepest

Hey I'd rather have voted
for Snake Pleskin
than the putative "winner"

If my son came home
 looking like this...

I'd hide his car keys

 That's more like it, babe

The Europeans gave the natives
their first drink

And from them the Europeans
learned to smoke tobacco,
A mutual exchange
of Trojan Horses

Stop the petro-monsters
from destroying life,
Clean air and water are
 our most basic rights

 Grand traverses
the head of the estuary

 Days when you
seem to
drift away

Life is transmuted

Glamour doll

 Even looks like Dennis Hopper

 The trees rustle
a rattling laugh

The Tarot
was taciturn

Turning to Alchemy
and things that explode

 Old Man Winter
was then on his way

Beyond here
lie the Dead

25 November 2017

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