Saturday, March 4, 2017

Exit Through Head Shop

This is generally designated the starting point
January 1967, fifty years ago
The Human Be-in in Golden Gate Park

Many of us think of 1966 as the actual Summer of Love
we had already heard of it when Ramparts covered this event
 and endorsed the LSD-experienced wise ones of  Haight Ashbury
in Spring 1967 before the so-called  Summer of Love
when everybody got Hip and many of the Freak-out records of note were released

Nevertheless at least three museums are exhibiting
Hippie art  and psychedelia
for the anniversary,
BAMPFA rumaged around
in its storage and in film library
for this somewhat lacklustre exhibition
of multicolor sensory over-load

Jorma Kaukonen
guitarist for the Jefferson Airplane,
I saw them in their prime
at Providence college,
and still see him every few years
solo, or as Hot Tuna
acoustic or electric
He is never less than great

Wowie-zowie gizmo
Prismatic wheels spin
bells ring
13 for the letter "M"

Skin suit

Young nude people
the essence of art

 DMT painting
a very short-duration high
 wonder if it was administered
throughout the painting session
or if it merely inspired it all at once

A room full of rapidly changing slides
from all directions

It was too stuffy
and I was too high
to remain inside for long
Older Asian squares there
seemed buzzed

Acid rock posters
of the Golden age

The psychedelic poster genre was not
over-curated for this show,
despite the obviousness
of their inclusion

mixed media

People's Park posters
Ironic in this exhibition
considering the first serious
plans for its demise in decades
were announced BY UC in January

We give them the inflatable-superlative

Hippie Modernism
was at the last alas
rather underwheming

Some real hogwash
but then that was characteristic
of the period as well

wall paper design
Pretty much any
amorphous abstract
can call itself

it means consciousness-expanding
yet it is a word
difficult to fully define

But we know it
when we see it

"Every town must have a place where phony hippies meet
Psychedelic dungeons popping up on every street"
 Mothers of Invention
whose Freak-Out was the first freak LP
released in 1966 as Lou Reed pointed out
so should have VU and Nico

In another gallery
"an early Magritte painting,"Jeunesse"

Symbolist, futurist, cubist
and certainly in its own right

2 March 2017

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