Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Marching to a Different Drumpf

1. The Men's March


Puncho Gonzales

A pro-Trump march less than 75 strong
tried to stick its thumb in Berkeley's eye,
a much larger anti-Trump crowd showed up

Look at the two thugs behind Puncho,
they are wading in on skinny young Republicans
who thought that they could
wave the flag and triumph the Trump
in a public park in Berkeley
and that the cops would protect them,
The skirmish went on  for hours
including a truncated pro-Trump march
toward campus that had to turn back,
The cops excuse for allowing the mayhem?
They now saydidn't want intercede to quickly
and risk escalating the violence,
Like to their own cynical ranks

The Mexican guy really
wants to punch
the old white man

Tom was left to fight the thugs alone
he should have stayed home in San Francisco,
Didn't he hear about the beatings
when Trump campaigned in San Jose?

 Meatloaf caught
a squirt of pepper sauce
marinate him in milk

"The lighthearted tune of an ice cream truck
played from a megaphone
even as fights broke out"

Blue and white smoke bombs, some noxious,
pepper spray were utilized
and raw eggs were thrown,
Flags and red baseball caps were seized and incinerated,
Police confiscated an illegal dagger, metal pipes, bats,
 two-by-four pieces of wood, and bricks

"You'll beat 'em next time, Junior"

Bircher bird got his egg cracked,
Note them came armed and carrying shields
wooden nickels with the flag and a big "V"
Only time I've seen a Berkeley cop
comforting a combatant

"The phallus is all men have,
so they have to wave it whenever they can"
                  -Katha Pollitt, The Nation
                            on the 2016 election

Big Dog
is blood thirsty

The Women's March

The Day After
The Inauguration of the Demon Brother

Everyone loves a parade

Rain and no shine
the girls are turning out
in force

A happy-sad occasion

A women's gallery

There are a lot of buried
issues coming to the surface
all at once

Early astronaut
of inner identity

The new youth activists


Bemused apathy
on the part of the

Telegraph Avenue

I was trying to get to Rockridge
Chaotic BART decided to dump us at MacArthur
I found myself an unintentional marcher
Booting through the Temescal

My mood could
be improved

After Rockridge
I headed back on the 51A

Some vacuous dealership

Women are coming on strong

All walks of life
 were out

Katniss wannabes

Yoga babes

As we drew near the by now
 "yuge" demo
the bus detoured and I hopped off
Walking 12 blocks,
the whole scene of people
with signs and pink pussy hats
Somewhat vexed for the inconvenience
but I now bless them all in retrospect

We seem to have reached
a societal cul de sac

The feeling's mutual

They say that the new administration
wants to bring back Black Sites
and supercharge Gitmo

These cats seemed
ill at ease
about it all

A display of
Industrial indifference,
soon to be compelled
 to think again

Bestial backlash
to be expected

None of them
can stop the times

21 January 2017

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