Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Lands

Lovely days are here again
think I'll get the old motor scooter
out of storage

In a Spring fever dream
the Flaneur walks the concrete jungle's sidewalks
and life's earthen paths

Massive eucalyptus
a small park by the Lake

Henry J. Kaiser
Pioneer of healthcare profiteering
Into his black hole disappeared
Catholic and other non-profit hospitals

I visit his eponymous building

Almost all of the extremely wealthy
are sociopathic
if not like our fearless leader

This entrance way
 indoor fountain
is a trip

Ugliest in Oakland
Imagine how much
some sculptor
was paid for this utter
piece of shit

of our transit system
is located here

I boarded an elevator
with a real example
of a certain business-type
Youngish, in shape
Military politeness
The elevator shot up multiple floors
to blind landings
I'm surprised the executive didn't call security

I came back down
and found the way to my goal
a park atop a garage

The perspective from here

Not that I'm a huge fan of "aps"
But I'd like one that looked
at the clouds for you
and told you what they were called
and what it all means

I believe we came from the sky
and there shall we return

Wavy building uptown,
I head further that way


I'm going to church, baby
On the feast day
of my beloved St Patrick
An attractive girl,
at the Catholic cafe

Highly regarded
and festooned in green

Treasure from the Emerald Isle

Prayer cards
Mother always had a lot,
we got them at school and at Mass
My ex St Lucy became a real collector
then fickle person that she was
left them when she left

I kneel down
when I pray

It's High Lent
Purple cloth upon the altar

Who's that rising?
Jesu mein freunde

I am his lover
and his scibe

the marble cross

So much light

Dear Bishop Saint
of Eire


His eyes, his brow
his beard

I celebrate him
and try to chase out
the snakes

Time to leave trails
of glory
Can you spot St Patrick?

goes on

In the trees

Your Flaneur is there

Saint Patrick's day
17 March 2017

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