Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Strolling Oakland: Mild Thriller on Manila

A sedate walk with the RAY man
your onliest Berkeley Flaneur

Start with top-shelf java at
my favorite shop since 1984

It where the real coffee dogs all go
no the terminally trendy joint
that opened across the street

But there are enough hounds
apparently to go around
my joint is expanding

Under the BART/highway bridge
there are hundreds of tiles
made by people displaced
by the enormous Hills Fire

Kids remembers his beloved school

Traumatic flames

House with deck

Smoke overtakes
the homestead

Lawton street
where I happen to have spend most
of the day of the fire
My old friend's old pad there

Intriguing glass
a notable house

The base festooned

An enormous palm

A beauty and a wonder

The sheltering palm
really defines a space
indoors outdoors

In all its glory

Here comes these flowers
a hugely vital Spring
appears this year

Onward oddly transported
via an urban jungle

The look of California's
ecclesiastical architecture

Another way of the cross
Lent brings in the Spring

Rockridge library
on a rainy day
in winter

the inspirational windows

Manila street
a weathered eagle

Quiet spiritual display
Buddha in a tree

This sturdy tree
shoulders its responsibilities

Sidewalk gardens

Love these pink oddities
wonder what they're called

I dreamed that I was back in grade school
succulents plants and lizards
from Science text books
had overtaken my old desk

Love this floral bush

Speaking of pink
some cats just got
too many flamingos
like wild turkeys round here

Life and death

the same questionable taste

Deer depicted with human
facial characteristics

reverts to its primitive beliefs

Wholesome and diverse

Somewhat magical,

As my friend here will attest

February-March 2017

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