Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lost City

Do Not Hit, Swing, or
On Pinocchio

The Flaneur excavates
a strange forgotten civilization,
can you say where it is located
just from internal clues?

Drive-by after the time travel tunnel

Ye olde publick library

City Hall
in use

Fountain larger than the house

Odd heraldic formalism
symbolic structures where
secret societies flourish

The dominant religious faith here
as in most of America
is Star Wars-derived

Knock on any door
on the threshold of occultation
Secret knock required

The heartland so-described

The Elks Club

A Tolerant community
where odd and ornate religions
are welcome

But not now
a junk shop
the worn household items
the kooky bric-a-brac

Dementia forever

Where our title comes from,
we had noticed already

Steak and hot cakes for me, please

The Oakland hills as imagined
from a thoroughly automotivated ideal
petrochemical dystopia


Elks are drowning
on sunken tundra
in rivers grown too wide
in melting permafrost

No one could imagine
a better way

Mr and Miss A_______ 2017

Crack the sky,
before hip-hop, before the cholos,
before prison cults of baggy ass display,
there has always been the working man's union

Now there's a pile
suggests the old way of life
that transpired hereabouts

A beautiful theater
I haven't been it to yet
but I shall now endeavor
wonder what's playing?

Rogue One,
a Star Wars story?

I'd better say my serenity prayer

I'll get over myself
and bid farewell for now
to the subterranean artifacts
of a proper pop culture

Wonder what awaits me
 back in Oakland proper....

Serenity now,

serenity now

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