Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Today is All Saints Day

Pray for us

A humble
but happy
All Saint's Day
to all

Including those of us
down on the wrong side
of the tracks

The  long shadows
of a morning

 Out early today
November first was always
like pay day at our little house 
on Narragansett bay
Going to Mass joyously
on a holy day of obligation

 Taverns here
no doubt
since the Ohlone days

Our Lord was a humble carpenter
He came to be among the poor

Here for their superb
whole wheat model
an elusive thing really
Most are just white flour with
 a sprinkle of ww for color

Art at Authentic Bagel

 Not Project XOXO!
Don't it seem that 
the good things in life
just can't last


 On the other hand,
good riddance
to bad rubbish

1 November 2016 

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