Monday, November 7, 2016

Ordinary and Extraordinary Tales of a November Weekend

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What one sees when one 
opens one's eye
always a game of chance
a casino economy
swept by con

Hanuman on BART

Graphic November

Time to turn back
the clocks


Broadway Oakland
 to College avenue
on the 51

Thanks for the warning

A very quiet back street

The season incarnadine

The bushes bushy
and turning red

The mind focused
ever upward

 There's Bill handing out free tickets
to Loaves and Fishes

 The Newman center
this mild afternoon
a homemade meal and
some company

 Coffee and lemonade
 in the courtyard
or in a lounge,
Flu shots and socks

 Then the monthly meal
and celebration
I come twice a year
around Thanksgiving
and then for the Xmas gala

 A choral group of UC students
De-cadence show up to entertain

 A lovely volunteer
who helps out serving
Glad to spend some time with her

I have an eye for cute tom-boys,
The kids really pour themselves
into singing a Beatles medley

 Everyone feels the blessing
the grace you get

They have a raffle
and a guessing game
with generous gift-card prizes
and a chocolate bar and a song
for birthdays of the month

It's all rather

 Madonna of the Colors


 What?'s easy 

I've been to Confession here
or Reconciliation as the Sacrament
is called today

Students stay connected
 with their faith here

 Catholic life
is beautiful

Jesus made into a straw man
for what you don't like 
about so-called Christians

 Post Vatican II crucifix
built into the wall

Haste street
Windows of night

 Portals of the past


 Project X O X O

Project X O X O
Installation side-view

 Careful-rendered letters
soon to painted-over

 Wonder highways of the sky
I sit beside the water
and dream myself away on them


a Japanese restaurant 
and a jazz club renowned
right on the tracks

Blue afternoon mood

 House of Chicken and Waffles
A recent medical study described 
the Southern fare served here
(fried-chicken waffles syrup sweet ice tea)
as an invitation to a stroke

 The Broads of Broadway
give them my regards

 My neighborhood
I finally concede

 Get into the ameboid swim

 Doctor Strange 

 Farther along
the estuary

hang crowd

 Our beloved November 
green grass

Little circles convene
yoga, food, bevridge
cannabis unites them

 Soft as a baby's moptop

Free freedom

 Green green


 Vespers at four
I thought I'd return for them
but then forgot and got home in time
for some Panhandle Country on KPFA


Pink Timberlands, purple tights,
pink satin jacket, pink smart phone headphones
pink baseball cap with pom pom


 New hospital building
where a private house 
held-out for decades

Retro Mondrian sixties

Return of the old gods
servitor of Ram
Vishnu dreaming the universe

Guerilla installation
on Shattuck

Webster near College
bet his neighbors
 loved this one

Peaceful conversation
evening star and the moon

4-7 November 2016

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