Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Political World


The Flaneur offers his oath to get back
to select vignettes reflected upon in repose
to conclude a week of hasty news-cam

 In the East Bay libraries
Karl Marx retains a place of honor
I first read a book of his thought
borrowed from the Peoples' University
as the stone above the door read

Yet the plutocracy
worsens still

With their cigars and their bourbon

Their war-hen womenfolk

With their poverty rows

 Their master and servant routines

To what do the desperate resort?

 Brazen seizures of
public property

 Against the wall
 still roofless

What remains left to them?

 The police station

the courthouse

 and the jail


Extra-sexy David

Here comes this guy

It's like he knows 
he's bizarre

Every tomato season 
I think

 Heaven comes to earth

 Don't allow the Flag
to touch the chicken

The ride on Dad's shoulders
an archetype

I ate my standard marine lunch,
brandy and brisling sardines
pumpernickel  and almond butter
 at a table below that
fake light house structure

This was the view from there
San Francisco-Port of Oakland-Mt Tamalpais

Thought I'd follow the current

 A  12 bus took me from
 Jack London Square

 to the other end
of the bifurcated estuary
What's with all the people?

 Nice but what's your demand
to overturn the election?

I sang
 This Land is Your Land


Enjoy yourself
it's later than you think

 I didn't stand around
to hold hands


I had to keep a date
with some organic produce


 Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea

 Flying eye-ball building
sees all

Daunting entrances
on Alcatraz

Posh pub?
Actually the carrot a
an employment agency

No brew for me
it's a night of codeine


 Remember that bold encampment
of pioneers across from the high school?

 The City decided on
a passive aggressive response

 Washing them down
washing them away


That buff boy 
with the smart phone
sure was white

13-15 November 2016

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